Nargiz ChynalievaBishkek, Kyrgyzstan

We are all surrounded by various types of information, i.e. advertising, entertainment, news, public opinion, which attempts to influence our actions and thoughts.  In this work, the artist is trying to free herself of these layers of information.

Since the age of 14, Nargiz has been interested in the creative process as a means of self-expression and creation. She began to formally study contemporary art in 2009 at the School of Contemporary Art, run by the Bishkek nonprofit organization Art East. Nargiz is particularly interested in addressing social problems through her work and sees the artist as a vehicle and mirror of the state of society and his/her environment. In particular, she is interested in the relationship between human beings and society as a system of certain traditions and unwritten rules. During the residency in New York, Nargiz hopes to learn about new methods and means of self expression, innovative public art forms, to meet and exchange ideas and experiences with artists working in the field of public art, and to become acquainted with the city’s cultural museums, galleries and other arts institutions.
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