School of Visual Arts: City As Site

18 Personal Rituals in Public Space                                                                                          June 20, 2014


23rd Street between Sixth and Seventh Avenues, June 20, 2014

In a workshop divided into two 4-hour increments for two days, participants from the SVA Summer Residency program were asked to find a space on the southside of 23rd Street between Sixth and Seventh Avenues. Once the space was located each participant wrote a memory or a story that this particular public space evoked and shared with the entire group. From that account combined with the space, each participant created a personal ritual performed in public space (on 23rd Street) on the second day. Everyone was encouraged to “Let Go” and to use this experience as an opportunity, to leap beyond what they imagined themselves capable of doing either now or in the future.



  1. Verónica Posada Álvarez
  2. Adam Attia
  3. Ilana Boltvinik
  4. Madalena Caiado
  5. Kardelen Fincancı
  6. Giacomo Geco
  7. Gregory James
  8. Grace Law
  9. Gabriel Maldonado
  10. Mariana Manon
  11. Pierce McCleary
  12. Ian Nolan
  13. Sara Olier Brome
  14. Venessa Saba
  15. Megan Teynor
  16. Rumena Turkejiev
  17. Rodrigo Viñas
  18. Rachel Zaretsky