Public art, private awakening:
Ed Woodham at TEDxGowanus

TEDxGowanus: “Ed Woodham has spent years taking art out of the gallery and celebrating it on the streets of New York City. As the founder of Art in Odd Places (AiOP), he believes that art can jostle and awaken a public that is often “buried in their responsibilities.” But Ed’s work to “awaken” took an unexpected turn when his mother was diagnosed with Multiple System Atrophy and eventually suffered a stroke, sending her into full blown dementia. Without much thought about it, he put pencil and paper before his mother. The results were nothing short of astounding.”

Public art as social engagement
Ed Woodham | TEDxIndianapolis

TEDxIndianapolis: “Ed Woodham created Art in Odd Places (AiOP), presenting visual and performance art to reclaim public spaces in New York City and beyond. AiOP has been produced around the U.S. (including in Indianapolis) and abroad. For summer 2014, Ed was selected for the drawing(shed) residency IdeasFromElse[W]here and created a performance work in Lloyd Park, Walthamstow, East London, UK. This talk tells the story of AiOP, the residency performance in Lloyd Park highlighting the importance of public space and social engagement.”