Public Interventions

Eleven Visual and Performance Temporal  Public Interventions
by the Wilson College  MFA students
Wednesday, July 26, 2017, 11am-1pm

Downtown Chambersburg, PA
Main Street between Lincoln Way + Queen Street



1. Encourage a novel use of or interaction with public space

2. Be able to move through public spaces continuously and effortlessly, without impeding the flow of pedestrian or vehicular traffic by blocking the sidewalk and/or street.

3. Engage with Main Street’s cultural and architectural landmarks, neighborhood, multifaceted businesses and communities as a resource for creative consideration.

4. Consider both anticipated and unpredictable locations.

5. Commit to maintaining a durational presence of two hours on Main Street for the performance.

6. Work should have a strong photogenic visual aesthetic.

7. Consider gallery component of your action: Photographs, ephemera, objects, costuming.