Storytelling and Narrative in Public Space

Elmstreet                                                                                                                                            Greensboro, North Carolina / October 30th 2013

Elm Street Greensboro, North Carolina

Elm Street
Greensboro, North Carolina

This workshop utilized the fundamental elements of narrative and storytelling in the design of individual public art interventions.

The steps:

  • Identify a central location with clear boundaries.
  • Participants explore the location and select an individual site. The site inspires a story. The story can be a true story, fiction, combination of truth and fiction, poetic, and other forms.
  • Each participant tells a story in their selected site as the group listens.
  • Participants are asked to design an intervention at their space inspired by their story and location in thirty minutes.
  • Participants share their designs and the group listens and makes suggestions.
  • Participants break and prepare for their invention at the site.
  • Interventions are executed for 90 minutes or longer.


Dickie Cox

Betsy Renfrew

Jessica Moore