Staring into Nothing

Staring into Nothing
Wilson College MFA Program
Chambersburg, PA
July 7, 2017

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This workshop, Staring into Nothing, on July 7, 2017, was the beginning workshop for my class, ‘Conceptual Mediations’, at Wilson College MFA Program. The students and I stared into an 8×10 blank white canvas on an easel for 120 minutes. This rite was performed to validate the importance of nothing in the creative process and to confront fears that arise from the unknown.

Liz Augustine, Harry Eichleberger, Misti Galvan, Lisa Harman, Shawn Heiges, Kathy Leiner, Anabella Lenzu, Shylo Martinez, Andrea Montez, Doug Mott, & Lily Oglesby.

Information for before:
120-minute collective durational workshop conjuring nothing
Friday, July 7, 10am-1pm / Lortz Hall, Room #210

Instructions and information:

  • This workshop is important – as all following classes will be based on this experience of nothing
  • Prepare for a 120-minute silent durational experience w organic bathroom breaks
  • Please arrive a few minutes early (no later than 9:50am) and ready for nothing
  • Wear comfortable clothing
  • Bring water
  • Bring a notebook to sketch and/or write afterward
  • Turn off mobile phones + electronics and check them into the designated basket upon arrival for period of workshop
  • If you need to go to the bathroom – do so quietly and mindfully. Please remain silent during this personal time
  • Feel free to change positons during each chime of the timer. Otherwise remain in place until the timer chimes
  • Commit to the duration of 120 minutes of nothing
  • Confront your comfort zones during this exercise
  • Let thoughts enter (as they will) but allow them to leave – returning to our collective focus
  • Breathe mindfully
  • Be gentle
  • Nothing

Information for the day of:
Ed: Turn phone to Airplane Mode setting

1. Remain focused and commit to nothing
2. Listen to chimes each 30 minutes to shift to new position (if you so desire)
3. No talking
4. Bathroom quietly
5. Be mindful of your exits and entrances/ careful with door maze just outside
6. Relax
7. If someone falls asleep: It’s okay
8. However, if someone is snoring and it’s bothering you/break position and pop them on the head
9. Listen carefully to beginning prompt. And end prompt
10. Stare at the blank white canvas throughout
11. Enjoy NOTHING