Hemispheric Institute: EMERGENYC

Hemispheric Institute- EMERGENYC

Participants prepare for the street interventions.

This four hour workshop was part of the Hemispheric Institute’s / EMERGENYC program.


Aya Abdelaziz and friend preparing signs for the performance.

One hour to present Art in Odd Places and the assignment: using the Art in Odd Places 2013 theme of NUMBER, participants were asked to create a public work for 45 minutes (two groups=90 minutes) on Broadway between Waverly and Washington Place on May 30.  And 90 minutes for prep and to process & reflect.  Magic happened.


Sabina Ibarrola’s ‘Glitter’.


Mon Ellis drawing with chalk.

Participants: Adriana Nordin Manan, Alex Rodabaugh, Aya Abdelaziz, Betty T. Kao, Guy Yedwab, Jeca Rodríguez, Kaila Paulino, Kamron Shahraray, Mette Loulou von Kohl, Monica Ellis, Rory Golden, Sabina Ibarrola, Sita Frederick, Zachary Scholl.


Alex Rodabaugh’s ‘Dollah Bill’.

At the very end of the event I couldn’t help but notice two people standing on the corner with large six foot cardboard letters, “ABC” leaning against a light post. One of them was trying to hail a cab….unsuccessfully. I said to them…..”You should spell out “CAB” and see if it helps. (They fell out and we all had a good laugh….complete strangers). It did help.

Hemispheric Institute- EMERGENYC

Two bystanders with cardboard letters, ABC.

Hemispheric Institute- EMERGENYC-1

Spelling out “CAB” in order to hail one.

Hemispheric Institute- EMERGENYC-2


Hemispheric Institute- EMERGENYC-3

Goodbye, friends