Lawn School


Strange Makings/Lawn School workshop was a part of NURTUREart’s 2012 Summer Exhibition series, Lawn School. Some participants planned on attending the workshop while others joined because they were walking through Tompkin’s Square Park.

Guest artists: Lawrence Graham-Brown, Alejandro Guzman, LuLu LoLo, and Edith Raw.

Outline of the workshop:

  • Introduction of Defamiliarization and evening’s arch (Ed)
  • Reading of quote by Viktor Shklovsky (Edith)
  • Passing a strange face (Edith + Everyone)
  • Passerby destraction (Lawrence)
  • Fear of Failure (Lawrence)
  • Distraction (LuLu)
  • Creative Misunderstandings (Alejandro) 
  • Actions by all partipants (Ed + Everyone)
  • Back of hand closure (Lawrence + Everyone)
  • Mixing it up (Everyone)
Lawn School is weekly series of free classes, lectures, discussions and workshops that occur on the lawns of public parks throughout New York City. Open to any and all to teach and attend, each session took place on Thursday evenings July – August 2012. Lawn School’s goal is to facilitate an open and welcoming learning environment in a public space, provide an opportunity for those who wish to teach a course or share a skill with interested peers to do so, and engage a diverse audience who is interested in learning but otherwise may not attend public lectures or peer to peer skill share. Lawn School is part of NURTUREart’s 2012 Summer Exhibition Series …Is This Free? about the meaning of “Free” in contemporary art.