Olga Zovskaya, Moscow, Russia

I will place M&Ms in a line along the sidewalk. This trail represents the opportunity to return, as well as a “period.” Once I finish creating a line on one side of the street, I cross to the other side. After filling the gaps in the first line, I will lay a new line parallel to the first line.   Several lines will form a grid on the sidewalk. People walking by will interact with the “points.”

In her artist’s statement, Olga writes, “working with space, whether it is an urban environment, wild landscape or exhibition hall, is interesting and important for me. In art, the process of communication between place, context and the project is significant to me. The adaptation of an original idea to the real situation where it is implemented is important too. The interaction of objects and environment, the changing, transformation, interpretation, and introduction to an existing situation of new meanings, and communication between people and their environment are also interesting to me. In my art projects I try to give the viewer the opportunity to reflect, reason, think, and interpret the settled order and views. To show the imperceptible in our environment”.
Olga currently studies at the Institute of Contemporary Art in Moscow and graduated from the Architecture Department at the Ural State Academy of Architecture and Arts in 2007.  She also studied contemporary art at Artpolitika’s School of Actual Art from 2009-2011. Her work includes: street art intervention, installation, objects, graphics, and photography.


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