Felix Mashkov, Vladivostok, Russia

I will make cardboard stencils with gratitude to sanitation service. I will ask people to put their signatures on my stencils with gratitude. Then I’ll put stencils on rubbish bags which are located on 14th Street. When they pick up the bags, they will see them and be pleased.

Felix graduated with a Bachelor’s Degree in Architecture this year and prior to that studied for five years in art school. While studying at school he began to participate in the graffiti movement in Vladivostok in partnership with Vadim Gerasimenko as part of the Concrete Jungle art group. The major concept of his work is to interpret art as a vital part of the urban environment, a part of a modern city’s architecture. He aims to create work that is large in scale and encourages social interactions. In the future, he hopes to develop a land art project. The primary techniques, Felix uses are murals, sculpture and urban design and he works with spray paint, acrylic paint, wood, metals and concrete. Felix believes that participation in the Global Art Program will give him an opportunity to enlarge his knowledge of urban design and art and to establish relationships with other program participants.


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