Vadim Gerasimenko, Vladivostok, Russia

Using water (instead of money) I will attempt to ride in a taxi from point A to point B. Water Man –the Lord of the Water.  Can water replace money? How is the exchange system among people structured?

Vadim is a student at the Far East Federal University in the Department of Graphic Design. He graduated from the Vladivostok Art School in 2007 with a specialization in teaching painting. Vadim works together with Felix Mashkov in the group Concrete Jungle and together they create graffiti and public art projects in Vladivostok. Their work aims to integrate art into the urban environment using frescos and small artchitectural forms. During his visit to New York, Vadim hopes to feel, touch, see and understand the entire spectrum of the public art field. He aims to broaden his outlook, become acquainted with specialists in the field of public art from other countries and to use this acquired experience in future projects. http://www.cjungle.com

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